Anonymous asked
How have you been?

I’ve been doing really good!

1. I moved into an Apartment with friends… It’s a LOT cheaper than dorming.

2. Eating healthy and exercising over summer really helped me out a lot.  

3. I fixed my class schedule so that I’m not at school from 11-4 every T/Th.

4. I’m excited about Church this year!

How come I never hear about how You’ve been?

I’ll never forget this job.

I’ll never forget this job.


I need someone with a Sewing Machine and knows their way around one.  

When Someone Unexpected is Good at the Guitar…

It just makes a World of difference.

Anonymous asked
what are you worried about seungmin?

Workplace.  I feel so helpless sometimes.


Apparently they make me look,

"Taller, Cooler, Manlier and Older."

If there’s a Will, There’s ALWAYS a Way.

Tiny Blessings I Guess

Today my 6th graders all complained that a song was stuck in their tiny little heads.

It was the song called “Our God is Greater” that I taught them for morning worship yesterday and today.  Then they all just started singing it for a few seconds…

It almost made me want to shower them in star bursts and jolly ranchers.


I was really disappointed by Sistar’s new video.  I swear one of the dance moves looks like they’re either trying to take a crap… or get rid of a wedgie.  :(

Anonymous asked
Did you miss me too? :)

Anon.  I consider you a friend now despite being maybe total strangers to each other.  Haha how’s YOUR summer going?


I haven’t got to play Basketball since I came back.

I almost forgot how bad I was.

Good thing I remembered.

First Pay Check of Summer.  Heh.