Apparently they make me look,

"Taller, Cooler, Manlier and Older."

If there’s a Will, There’s ALWAYS a Way.

Tiny Blessings I Guess

Today my 6th graders all complained that a song was stuck in their tiny little heads.

It was the song called “Our God is Greater” that I taught them for morning worship yesterday and today.  Then they all just started singing it for a few seconds…

It almost made me want to shower them in star bursts and jolly ranchers.


I was really disappointed by Sistar’s new video.  I swear one of the dance moves looks like they’re either trying to take a crap… or get rid of a wedgie.  :(

Anonymous asked
Did you miss me too? :)

Anon.  I consider you a friend now despite being maybe total strangers to each other.  Haha how’s YOUR summer going?


I haven’t got to play Basketball since I came back.

I almost forgot how bad I was.

Good thing I remembered.

First Pay Check of Summer.  Heh. 

Anonymous asked
How are you?

Anon… I kind of MISSED you.  Even though we’ve never met I feel a strange affection towards you.  

Well… I started working.  6th Graders are selfish little monsters but at least they’re CUTE little monsters.  They call me James, Mr. James, Teacher James and the various like.  I made a little boy and a little girl cry the other day.  The little shits didn’t do their homework so they deserved it.  I also help out 2nd and 3rd graders for arts and craft.  They’re fucking adorbs… but they don’t believe in Santa.  I told them that’s because they were so bad that they never met him yet.  Even I get lumps of coal every Christmas.

I opened a bag of chips for my co-workers the other day.  Two bag of chips that no one else could open… to which I was introduced to the ululation of my female coworkers which made me VERY glad I frequent the gym so often.  The ululation might have been in my imagination… they might have cheered.  Maybe.  

Also I no longer come home at 4-5AM after playing board games with my friends.  We all have jobs/responsibilities now so… we only hang out once a week.  It reminded me that we’re all growing up and we’re not really kids anymore.  It’s a bittersweet summer for us.

And girls… well, I’m a 차도남 so girls are just too afraid to get their hearts broken I guess.  Who can blame them.  

Anon I really so wish we could talk in person.  Or even through facebook.  Or even text or Kakao.  


I get to work by 8:30 and then come home by 6.  Unfortunately… I fall asleep after and I’ve begun to skip workouts.

And now I’m getting stressed out cause I can’t work out and there’s this weird pain feeling in my traps from sleeping wrong and I’m just here still asleep.

g.o.d is Back.

And that’s why 전설s are called 전설s.  Because no matter what era they are in their music will always be considered Good.


Isaiah is taking Forever and a Half.  

너희들은 포위됐다

오윤아 has this mature woman sex appeal that can’t be easily ignored…

Can’t beat experience I guess.

Fell asleep while playing Ranked.

Woke up in the After-Game lobby to greetings such as…

"Report Tokkipunched please.  leaver."  

"Fuck you Tokkipunched.  FUCK YOU."

"report plz.  will honor if report."

….I’ve never been more sorry my entire LoL career.

I don’t know if little boy or little girls are worse.

These aren’t the little kindergarten kids that I’m used to.

They’re starting to enter this shitty thing called puberty and getting interested in the opposite sex.


This may be my greatest challenge yet…