I like how our church seems to be gaining something that somewhat resembles solidarity.

Anonymous asked
I'm pretty darn sure you have multiple anons bc I didn't ask half of those questions. Anyways, what have you been up to?

And the plot thickens.

Trying to lose weight mostly and trying to study.  

I just want to give up sometimes.  People tell me I lost a lot of weight as it already is.  But the thing is…

I’m not satisfied.

I don’t know.  I set a goal and I want to complete it.

But I’ll be damned, I just want a whole pie of pizza just to myself.

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Just Stop What You’re Doing And Listen to This.

Holy Shit I’m so mad right now.  If I ever see those fucking pieces of shit in real life, I swear I would punch them in the fucking face.  Fucking sorry excuses of human beings.  

It feels like a thousand swords have pierced my heart and they were covered in lemon juice.

I can’t believe I spent $10.50 on DUC today…

Anonymous asked
sometimes you can be really judgmental.

Yeah.  I know.

To be honest… I don’t really feel bad about it.  It’s because I can’t help it.  It’s just how I grew up.  I have pretty good 눈치 and sometimes I over rely on this judgement of mine.  I’m like that.  It’s one of my faults and…

Other than staying quiet I don’t really know how to fix it.  :(

I’m sorry if I hurt you in anyway.

Ok.  Intermittent Fasting… I’ll give it a try.

I lost my USB drive… FUCK.

I can’t believe I just left it plugged in…

Am I a Bear Grylls type of Jungler or a 김병만 type of Jungler?


Rather than being broken all the time in God’s presence…

I’d much rather laugh and cherish the time I have with God.

I’m not perfect.  No one is.  And I’m sure God of all people knows that better than anyone.  So He knows better than me that I’ll sin again.

Rather than crying all the time and being pathetic, I want to smile, laugh and spend the time I have with God doing something joyful.  I don’t want God and my time to be one full of self-hatred and pain all the time.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what God wants either.

Or at least that’s what I think.

Anonymous asked
I have been okay. What is your bucket list for senior year?

Well…  It’s a pretty long list dude.

1. Find out who Anon is.

My bucket list is pretty long unfortunately.  I think most of it will have to do with learning how to say good-byes to a lot of friends.  It will have to be with dealing how to let go of people and being OK with the fact that a lot of these people… I’ll never see again.  It was one hell of a ride and I’ll be sorry to see some of these guys go.  I don’t know if I’ll ever see my friends again… and that’s one of the saddest parts of college.

The inevitability of a farewell is never realized until it is but a memory.

Anon… aren’t you going to regret staying as an Anon to me?

Unless you’re one of my guy friends in which case you’ll be my bitch for the rest of this semester.

Anonymous asked
How have you been?

I’ve been doing really good!

1. I moved into an Apartment with friends… It’s a LOT cheaper than dorming.

2. Eating healthy and exercising over summer really helped me out a lot.  

3. I fixed my class schedule so that I’m not at school from 11-4 every T/Th.

4. I’m excited about Church this year!

How come I never hear about how You’ve been?